Each set is single-handedly handcrafted by our founder using top-quality gel products and Swarovski crystals.

We aim to design elegant and trendy sets that are perfect for every occasion whilst providing you with a salon-quality manicure. 


"Making women feel beautiful one set at a time."

At Complimenté, we know that women love manicured and polished nails to wear to events and occasions. But we also know that certain jobs and daily activities don’t allow us to have long and pretty nails on our fingertips. 

It can be frustrating wanting a stunning set of nails for a night out but having to work the following day!


Whether you’re a full-time mum, a working professional, an athlete or you just love changing nail styles every day without damaging your nail beds - Complimenté can offer you salon-quality, customisable, press on nails lasting for up to two weeks without needing re-application.


Each set contains salon-quality nails that you can press on, remove, and re-use as you choose. Our sets can be mix-and-matched so you can tone it down for casual brunch or turn it up for a classy soirée.

Whatever you need it for, Complimenté is here to give you the nail care you want while leaving your natural nails healthy and pristine.


Complimenté nails are crafted solely using gel products to create strong and sturdy nails. They are capped using a hard gel overlay and gel topcoat for longevity and the ultimate shine. This structure allows for your nails to be reused multiple times, enabling you to create your own nail wardrobe.


Our founder takes great pride in her work and pays great attention to each detail. 

Sets are completed on a "Made To Order" basis. This means that they are completed after orders are placed, enabling you to request any alteration to the designs. This way, our founder can work closely with you to create your perfect set.